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What is Home Health Care?

Home health care agencies bridge the gap between hospital-based care and a physician's office-based care. They help cut down on expensive hospital stays and provide a holistic approach to accelerate a patients speedy progress in the comfort of their own homes.

Who is eligible for Home Health Care?

Not everyone qualifies for home health care. The key is being home-bound and means...

  • You are unable to leave your home or,
  • Leaving your home takes considerable effort and,
  • If you leave your home, it must be infrequently, and for short durations like going to the bank, barber etc.

Seniors with  Medicare may qualify if your doctor determines you to be home-bound on admission and during care. The doctor must also determine that you need skilled medical care in your home and prepare a plan for your care at home.

Among non-medicare and medicaid patients, home care may be paid through private insurance or through private pay. We will work with your insurance or medicare/medicaid to determine the ideal payment plans. 

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